D32A6777This is a jewellery with a story of hope, love and dedication. Each piece is individually created and knotted by hand and the self-designed special bio-beads are washed and polished manually. From the research on unique raw-materials all the way to low carbon footprint shipping, each part of the process is carefully planned and thought through.

Grabling is a stylish jewellery made out of a new generation bio material, designed especially for women who love unique products, are socially responsible and care about the environment. It is made out of a renewable source that comes from cornstarch and produced with minimal environmental impact. Food coloring gives them the fashionable shades.

Our mission is to provide sustainable fashion that not only cares about the environment but also has a significant social impact.

Proceeds from all our sales go to local charities in China.

katia grabling bio photo linen meimeiDESIGNER

The designer behind this visionary product is Katia Steilemann, a caring mother and founder of Elyts Ltd., a company that helps especially women unfold their own potential through the unique combination of image consulting, interior design and leadership behavior.

When it comes to image, Katia is known for wearing exotic and bold necklaces. After the birth of her son, she found herself unable to wear all her “bling” because they would either hurt the delicate skin of the baby or they were toxic for biting on. This was the moment she decided women deserve to look great in any phase of their lives, especially after pregnancy when the body shape and self-esteem change so dramatically.

Born and educated in Brazil, Katia brings her enthusiasm for life, Latina style and creativity to her Grabling products.  She strongly believes in empowering women and helping them reach their full potential.  In addition to being a successful business woman and a caring mother, Katia is also an internationally published author.  Together with 23 women from all around the world, she co-authored The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being, in which she discusses how to create rapport with other women.



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