Grabling Baby & Kids – NEW collection!

grabling baby 2Demand was high and inspiration just right!

Mommy and me bonding just got more fashionable. Imagine your daughter styling the same necklace as you?

Turn away from toxic jewellery. Offer your girls eco-friendly and socially responsible bling. Each necklace is hand-assembled and safety knots keep every bead tightly in place. Beads come from a new generation bio material out of corn – a renewable source. The bling is added with medical-grade titanium beads which are light and non-toxic. The magnetic break-away clasp adds extra safety.

You can tailor the colours and shapes, mix and match, create a personalised Grabling to a special outfit. Contact us via email for more information:

grabling baby 1

Grabling baby comes in 2 sizes: short and medium length. They are carefully assembled and only small beads are used to ensure comfort and style.

grabling kids 1

Grabling Kids can be tailored to any length. Small and big bead sizes are used to compose super cute necklaces to fit every outfit. Girls of all ages will love this hip ecochic new collection


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