Why babies have the need to grab

Your baby can grasp an object from the moment she is born. At birth, grabbing is an instinct, but by the time he/she is three months it’s a skill she is keen to develop. They will do anything to get things in their tiny hands. During the first two month their hands will be clenched most of the time but at about 12 weeks they will start looking at their little fingers and practise open and closing movements.

Grabling helps your baby develop this essential skill that she will need throughout their life. By having a necklace they can reach out to, you stimulate them to practise. Not just during play time but also during breastfeeding.

“My baby is always holding on to my Grabling necklace when I breastfeed her. I think she feels safe and loves to feel the 3D logo on the bead – Mahira Takanawa, Shanghai”

At about six month your baby will start to hone her hand-eye coordination and start bringing objects towards herself and passing from one hand to the other. The eco-friendly Grabling helps them perform these new movements while near their mom. Every time babies learn something new, they have the need to stay close to mommy. Have you noticed that short before that can execute a new skill they become thirsty for love, hugs and kisses? They seem to get “difficult” and want to spend more time in your arms? Well, that’s the nice thing about this new necklace as it allows them to develop and still be close to you.

You will notice that they love putting things in their mouth. Another reason for you to choose objects which are non-toxic and baby-proof. As it is made out of cornstarch, the Grabling is totally safe and can be easily cleaned without absorbing the taste or smell of any soap. Unlike other products you find the market that are made out of silicone.


Thanks to BabyCentre for the source of milestone information.


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