Double Happiness

Grabling colors are vivid and cheerful. Everything a woman needs to effortlessly update her style. This busy mother of two decided to wear it double.

Every necklace type in the Grabling’s collection carries the name of a greek Goddess as all women deserve to feel like one.

The short Grabling necklace you see in the picture is called Gaia. Gaia is known in greek mythology as the great mother of all. Formed only out of circular shaped beads, symbolizing the eternal miracle of a mother’s heart. (product code for orders: 1GG09)

The second necklace in the picture is the medium sized Rhea. Rhea is the fulfillment of fertility and motherhood, fostering the creation of new generations. A strong combination of small and big Grabling beads. (product code for orders: 1GR09-M)

Grabling – for stylish women who care.

Orders exclusively via email: We ship worldwide


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